Mac in Business
New short, modular format.

Mac in Business

On-Demand Seminar Series

Join Apple® business experts for our new series of short, on-demand seminars. Learn how Mac® computers with OS X® Mavericks can be deployed, managed, and secured to support employees in businesses of all sizes.

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Business Features in OS X Mavericks

Discover the business benefits of OS X Mavericks, including disk encryption, data protection, enhanced SMB support, and improved Mobile Device Management (MDM).

Integrating Mac Systems Into
Microsoft Environments

How to integrate the Mac with your existing Microsoft infrastructure. See how Mac systems can easily work with your Active Directory, Microsoft Certificate Authority, and existing file servers.

Integrating Mac with Microsoft
Collaboration Services

Learn how to integrate Mac with Exchange, Lync, Sharepoint, and other services in your existing Microsoft environment.

Managing Mac Systems

How to manage your Mac with the same configuration profile technology and Mobile Device Management (MDM) used to manage your iPhone® and iPad® devices.

Deploying Mac Systems

How to leverage Mobile Device Management (MDM), configuration profiles, and directory services to deploy a Mac without imaging, while still following your organization’s standards and policies.

Protecting Data at Rest on OS X

What’s new in FileVault® 2 from an enterprise standpoint. Learn about key escrow, rotation, and management functions.

All short modular webinars will be ten minutes or less.
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