Installation & Upgrades

Getting your new computer set up and ready to go is easy with Personal Set Up.

Need help installing the latest software? No Problem, bring your Apple product and our experts will have you set up and running in no time.


iPhone repairs

Our Apple certified iOS technicians will repair*, replace and maintain any part of your iPhone.
Our services include All AppleCare and AppleCare+ warranty work as well as out of warranty work.

*We are now able to offer display replacements on iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus. If you choose to have your screen replaced, we will send your iPhone to Apple’s repair centre.

If Apple determines the display can be replaced, the repair will be performed and the cost to you will be (determined by AASP). If for any reason the screen cannot be replaced, Apple will send us a re-quote to replace the whole phone.

Your iPhone will be returned here, usually within 9 to 12 business days, and we’ll notify you when it’s ready for pick-up.

A limited supply of loaner devices are available for your convenience. Contact your local Jump+ store for availability inquiries


Warranty Repairs & Apple Care

If you bought your Mac less than a year ago and need to have it serviced, simply bring it to us, and our Apple Certified Technicians will perform the necessary service – under warranty terms, of course!

Want to extend Warranty coverage? Ask us about Apple Care Protection Plan which extends your warranty to 3 years.

AppleCare+ is now available for purchase up to 60 days after purchasing your iOS device.  Simply bring us your iOS device for a quick inspection – regardless of where you bought it in Canada – and we will set you up with AppleCare+ so you can (a) extend your coverage period up to 2 years, and (b)  add up to 2 incidents of accidental damage coverage (for a small fee).


Repairs (under Warranty & Out of Warranty)

Our Apple certified technicians will repair, replace and maintain any part of your Mac.  Our services include:

  • Diagnostic & Troubleshooting
  • Data back up, transfer & recovery
  • Virus removal
  • RAM upgrade
  • Network design, installation & support

Just bring your Mac in and it will be as good as new!



Malware Removal & Prevention

Our solution is quick, automatic and non intrusive.  Ask our Apple Certified technicians for details.

Malware Removal $90
3 Year Malware Protection Plan $99


Data Recovery

Retrieval of lost or inaccessible information from MacBooks, failed hard drives or servers.

Experts will evaluate recovery potential and provide a time frame and estimate on a timely basis.


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