Why Jump+? | Jump+ Your Local Apple Experts

Jump+ is proud to be an Apple Premium Reseller


Exceptional Shopping Experience

An Apple Premium Reseller is an independent retailer that has been recognized by Apple for achieving the highest standards of expertise and customer service.  We focus on Mac, iPad, iPod and iPhone and offer the widest range of software and accessories, with hands on product demonstrations and advice at all times.  Come in and experience Apple’s innovative products and solutions in a welcoming environment.

We’re Here to Assist You

As an Apple Premium Reseller, we enjoy serving every type of customer, including students, individuals, creative freelancers, professionals and small and medium businesses.  Jump+ offers all the products, service, support and training that an Apple customer could need.  Jump+ Staff are professionally trained and can provide specialist advice.  Whether you need a computer for personal or family use or for work, you are guaranteed help and advice to make the right choice.


An Apple a Day

At Jump+ we have the complete line of Apple products including iPods, iPads, iPhones, Watch and the full range of Mac computers.  We also have a wide range of complementary third party products and accessories.

Training & Support

At Jump+ we offer face to face support and personalized training services.  We host workshops and seminars that teach you how to use and get the most of your Apple products as well as accessories that make your Apple device even more enjoyable.  Ask about our Personal Trainer, a full year’s worth of one on one training sessions customized to your needs.

Turn downtime into uptime

Need to service your computer? Jump+ technicians will fix your computers covered by Applecare as well as those out of warranty.  Worried about downtime? We have  loaner machines* that will help you turn downtime into uptime.

* Loaner machines are not guaranteed.  We do our best to accommodate loaner requests.


Switching Made Easy

Switching to a Mac from PC is very simple.  Jump+ staff can get you started and show you how to copy across all your existing data, including emails, address books, favourites and much more.

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