Doing our part to re-use, reduce & recycle.

jump+ is committed to doing all we can to reduce, reuse and recycle products that are so harmful to our precious environment. 

jump+ re-uses

Shipping boxes

At jump+ we re-use boxes when shipping to customers who buy online and distribute product to stores. Over 18,000 boxes per year that get re-used.

Old equipment & parts

At jump+ we re-use old computer parts and devices for our own internal staff use and for training purposes thereby reducing waste.

 jump+ re-duces

Reducing plastics

All jump+ branded products are manufactured in adherence to the best practices with regards to recycled material.  We have eliminated plastic in our packaging.

jump+ branded products

jump+ gears purchasing decisions towards manufacturers that produce compostable/biodegradable products, recycled or recyclable product or offer post-consumer recycling content.


We enourage you to reduce waste by bringing your own bags. In case you need or want one, we are happy to provide two options at minmal cost (1) small paper bags, (2) re-useable and compatible tote bags.

 jump+ recycles

Trade in program

Let us assess the value of the products you own and use it towards the Apple products you want. The credit from your trade in can be used at anytime and towards any product at jump+.  

Safe disposal of electronic waste

jump+ will dispose of your electronic waste, free of charge. This is a service offered at any of our 17 locations.   

iPhone/iPad case recovery program

jump+ is proud to participate in the  eco-train iPhone/iPad case recovery program.   Bring your used iPad and iPhone cases to jump+ or participating universities and we will send them to a specialized facility where the materials will be re-used efficiently and prevented from entering our oceans.

Shop eco-friendly brands

All jump+ branded products are manufactured in adherence to the best practices with regards to recycled material. We have eliminated plastic in all our new packaging.

Eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable iPhone cases that help protect the planet. To date, Pela's customers have prevented the equivelant of 48,433,866 bags from entering our oceans.

Otter products is working to reduce environmental impact by constantly exploring new and more earth friendly ways to improve the lifecycle of their products.

Lifeproof Wake cases are built from over 85% ocean-based recycled plastic to protect your iPhone. And our planet.

With minimal use of glue, elimination of steel plates and separable hangtag for easier recycling, and a new PaperFoam tray, Speck is taking steps to being a more sustainable brand.

Urband Armor Gear's Biodegradeable series, OUTBACK provides an ergonomic design with a premium hand-feel. Outback puts tough, responsible protection at the forefront with cases that are 100% compostable.